Different environments and situations call for different tools.

We Designed the "S-Series" originally for home and studio use where permanent mounting isn't so much a neccessity. The "S-Series" quickly caught-on with the studio musicians circuit; players needing a portable way to remove and re-set their mics around a revolving number of amps or cabinets.

The "S-Series" model Is a self-contained bottom mount version of the AmpClamp. It simply grasps on to the bottom lip of your cab or combo amp and using gravity and leverage, firmly keeps the mic in place. As with the WT-Pro Series, it's installed in seconds and is a great addition to any professional environment or home studio. Each "S-Series" comes with the Patented Mounting Plate (included with the WT-Pro model), allowing  you to easily transform it to a WT-Pro style if so desired.

Here are 7 Reasons why you NEED the AmpClamp.

*If you're looking for absolute rock-solid microphone placement and would prefer permanent mounting, check out our Hard-Mount (World Tour) WT-Pro model.

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"Being a gear geek, I had to share with you that I have come across a pretty cool device for micing guitar amps and/or acoustic instruments, particularly for us New Yorkers (or those of us w/space issues).

It's called an AmpClamp. It's a really clever mic stand device designed to mount consistently and directly on amp/speaker cabinets and it's a complete space saver."
- Damon Lascot, Lead Guitar (Kay Story, Meatloaf, Trans-Siberian Orchestra)


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