The original AmpClamp, this model started it all. It's rock-solid design and permanent placement provide consistent backline sound... night after night.

The smallest, most portable microphone mounting system for Guitar/Bass amplifiers in the world. Eliminates cumbersome boomstands. The light-weight and portable arm slides ON & OFF your amp as needed in seconds. The removable AmpClamp arm fits in any gig bag or case! (6.5" in Length and 7 oz. in weight)

Solid mic placement system. Quick "no brainer" setups.

Your perfect amp... your perfect mic... finally a way to get perfect placement - everytime. As an added bonus, amp mobility! Move your amp around while on stage without having to re-set your mic.

This common problem for raised stages is no longer an issue! The AmpClamp patented Mounting Plate discretely mounts underneath, on the side or top of any amp. A must for every touring axe-slinger… or Earth shaker!

The AmpClamp is the smallest, lightest, most effective Microphone Mounting System on the planet. Its patented "1 Second Setup" is the reason they're the choice of Road Crews, Tour and Backline Support and Productions worldwide.   

Great for multi-amp use. Use your favourite mic on your arsenal of speaker cabs or amps.

Here are 7 Reasons why you NEED the AmpClamp.


I just wanted to let you know that everything arrived as promised. I wanted to give it a few shows to be able to give it an honest evaluation. And the results of that evaluation is that the AmpClamp is the most kick ass cabinet mic mounting system on the face of the planet.

I have used short boom stands, a desktop stand, full size boom stands, as well as the new Audix Cab Grabber, and the AmpClamp just buries the all of those. I will never go back to regular microphone stands again.

I have attached a couple photos of the AmpClamp the day I installed it as well as during setup at the festival we played over the Labor Day Weekend.

Thanks again for an amazing product."
- Richard W. Price


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