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There's something to be said for ingenuity.

When pushing the boundaries of sound and aural exploration, it is often discovered that devices and tools are created out of necessity - to aid in the quest for the ultimate sonic statement. This simple notion defines a legion of artists in search of their own tonal signature.

We're proud to be a small but integral part of the journey.

Check out some musicians and artists pushing the limits of sound and sonic artistry and it's delivery to the masses.


"Stationary placement allows your speaker cabinet to be moved without loss of critical microphone placement. Low profile, and will attach to any speaker cabinet (even amps without a lip) from small combos to 4x12 cabinets."

"Effortlessly find your speaker's optimal dynamic "sweet spot" every time, consistent placement!"

I use the AmpClamp. It's great for live use where you want to very quickly install and remove it before/after gigs/rehearsals (it just slides into place, and is surprisingly sturdy/stable). I got tired of inconsistent and sometimes downright crappy mic'ing jobs on my live guitar rig, so now our rider says that I will bring my own mic stand and mic (e906) for my 1x12.
- "rumbletone"


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