accessories... exactly what you need.
Your favourite microphone and cabinet just got a little closer.

Our line of expansion accessories for the AmpClamp make it a breeze to use your favourite mic with your favourite cabinet.

It's time to get the sound you deserve.

This is the very same mounting plate that ships with our WT-Pro and "S-Series" model AmpClamps. Barely noticeable once installed. If you use a multi-amp or cabinet setup, having an extra low-profile mounting plate on your amps and cabs allows for easy transition of your microphone and AmpClamp arm from cab to cab. It's also a great option for multi-microphone setups when you need to use a separate mic and "sweet spot" placement for different environments.

Extremely simple to install. Ships with 4 thumb screws.

The AB609 Adapter is available for those who use a  flat-faced style microphone (eg; Sennheiser e609, 906, AKG models, etc.)

These types of microphone are commonly found dangling in front of a speaker grill by their mic cable and connector. Bad scene.

The AB609 changes a conventional AmpClamp Mic Mount System (which is suited for the straight shot SM57-type mic models) and gives it the flexibilty required to hold other mic types securely in place. It's made exclusively for the AmpClamp line of products and works with both the WT-Pro and "S-Series" mounting systems.

The AB609 slides onto the AmpClamp arm and is easily removed in seconds with a simple turn of the included thumb screw.

Here are 7 Reasons why you NEED the AmpClamp.


"We're loving the AmpClamp(s); have all of our live and studio amps set up with them now."
- Rhys (UK)

"Eliminates raised floor feedback & 'foot-steps'  from hollow stages... Eliminates Mic-Stand 'hum'."

"Very cool idea! Every guitarist needs one!"
- J. Davenport
"Really nice Product." - F. Spangler

"Great way to mic an amp!" - "Blues Man"
"Absoulutely cool little device! How did I ever do without it?? Thanks Randy!"


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