A brief history.

The AmpClamp was created out of neccessity in early 2002. After years of hassle, lack-lustre backline sound and the frustration of "never getting the same sound twice", I figured it was time to look into the causes behind on-stage issues like; raised-floor feedback, boominess and coloration of amplified mic signals.

And so the AmpClamp was born.

Not only do boomstands and vocal mic stands prove to be highly cumbersome, unstable and annoying to re-align every time you need to mic your amp or cabinet, but the audible improvement in clarity of sound as well as fast, consistent, precision placement were reason enough to develop an alternate method of mic'ing guitar and bass live and in the studio. 

why the ampclamp is a "no-brainer".

Effortlessly find your speaker's optimal dynamic "sweet spot" every time.

Allows your speaker cabinet to be moved without loss of
critical microphone placement.

Will attach to any speaker cabinet (even amps without a lip)
from small combos to 4x12 cabinets.

Never trip over your microphone stand on stage again
(clumsy bandmates included).

As well as "foot-steps"  from hollow stages.

Radical on-stage frequencies can wreak havoc on your mic'd guitar
signal. Everything from the rumble and frequency range of a PA to the
chest-kick of a nearby bass drum... get selective about what you and
your audience hear!

Light-weight, portable and easy to carry - fits in any gig bag or case!

It's the original, tried-and-tested mic mount used on professional tours, stages and studios around the globe. Since it's creation, there have been many imitation mic mounting system(s) introduced, but none with which you get the ease of use, reliability and consistency in placement as the AmpClamp.

Rock on,


"Just an awesome product."
- Marty Meisner (Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge, Miles Kennedy)

"THANK YOU!!! I'll be spreading the AC disease... AmpClamp must conquer every stage!"
- Matte (Italy)

- Brett (Aus)

"Thanks for filling my order.. Those AmpClamps are great... really keeps the small stages clutter free."
- R. Flanagan

"The Clamp works great - I'll be ordering more soon. Great Idea!"
- S. Robinson

"They arrived TODAY! Guys, I have no words... my life on stage now is as simple as drinking a bottle of water."


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